Of snow, temperamental boilers and Facebook photos…

This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow covering the hills behind the house.

There was a light dusting closer but the altogether wetness on the ground precluded it lying for long.

I was treated to a lie-in… not having to raise from my slumber until around eight o’clock; with no wifi to distract my morning, I was given the space to sleep in peace.

My bliss shattered by the call that the boiler was on the blink again and I really should jump in the shower if I wanted to have any hot water… My minds voice sounded like the Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bunny just take it easy, I thought, as I ventured into the garage.  Our boiler is only eight years old, but it really doesn’t like it on the first few days of cold weather… I know pretty useless for a device that is supposed to keep you warm to decide not to work when you really need it to, but there you go.

The thing is, that our boiler is a little fickle, it needs a firm but gentle hand… I always laugh and say she is like a woman, to hubs.  Too harsh with changing of settings and she shuts down, but a gentle tweak and she springs right into action.  He just gives me a look that says I am loopy, but is pleased that the house quickly begins to warm up.

And then to top my day whilst trying to catch up with Facebook… something I am rarely doing these days in preference to hanging out with Twitter.. I wade through notifications and messages of people changing their profile pictures, find myself on a friends page, who, like me never posts pictures of themselves, and due to a misdirected click, find myself looking at their cheeky face.  What a delight.  Seriously the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.  They look happy; unaware that the camera is focused on them; instead lost in the activity at hand.

I decide that I too must occasionally get over my hatred of self photographs and share occasionally as to see my dear ghost definitely made my day.