Failing Miserably… in a happy sort of way.

I have been failing at blogging this past wee while, and whilst I currently have hundreds of ideas to fill the white space, the process of transferring thoughts to the screen are just not coming to fruition.

My mind is distracted by an abundance of noise.  Mostly beautiful, creative, thought-provoking, often tiring, but the cacophony is deafening.

I have no space to formulate ideas, even in my cooking I am shortening my short-cuts, stripping back to the bare bone, to allow some sort of achievement from completion.

Every so often I surprise myself, and actually complete what I start out to do.

Today’s task was to create mini cupcakes for the nursery fair.  I made over a hundred, and the results seem to have gone down a treat.  Now to work on the rest of the things on my to-do list…