Reasons to be Cheerful

Oh there are so many reasons to be cheerful this week…

… Unfortunately some I can’t (quite) share, suffice to say there are exciting plans on the horizon…

But… I’ve been climbing lots, and conquered a new route… go me!  I went to the wall with two non climbers and one took a video and thinks I should post it… well that won’t be happening as even though my bottom is shrinking, never a bad thing, it is still huge and watching it make it’s way up a wall is just too much to share!

I think the main reason to be cheerful is that life seems to be getting back to normal, yes the house is a tip, and there is a huge pile of laundry (I did think of photographing and sharing, but my camera needs charged… he he!)

However, for the first time in a while I feel content.  I have lots of lovely people in my life, new friends, old friends, people I truly love; and whilst I don’t get to talk to them nearly enough, as there are not enough hours in the day, it’s just been a good week of re-connecting with some of them.

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