Recipe Shed – Garlic Chilli & Lemon Tiger Prawns

OK this is less of a recipe, more an excuse to eat prawns. So firstly a HUGE thank you to Keith at Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad for this weeks prompt – Flavours from the Sea. (& I’m so sorry I’ve missed a few weeks, tut tut)

You see I’m really the only one in this house that eats anything remotely fishy (though I am slowly educating the boys) OH thinks there is a reason that the word for fish in French is poisson, as he deems all fish (except cold smoked salmon) to be poison.

The other evening, when I was doing my weekly shop I was looking for some inspiration as to what to include and they were all but giving these away and I though, that’ll do nicely, a wee treat for me!

Aren’t they pretty…

All I did was;

  • Remove the shells, leaving the tail from raw tiger prawns (cleaned their entrails)
  • Crush garlic, grate lemon rind, squeeze lemon juice, chop chilli into a bowl
  • Add the tiger prawns, season with salt & pepper & leave marinading for about 20 minutes (or until you can’t wait any longer to eat them)
  • Cook on a hot griddle until they turn pink and translucent
  • Serve with a cold glass of Tio Pepe

They were most delicious, and a great “shopping treat”

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