Endeavouring to get back to Normal…

To say life has been a bit hectic; up in the air and without routine for the last month or so would be a mild understatement.

We’ve had to move out of the house twice; had to chuck out all the furniture in our living room, so we have nothing (to date) to sit on; had our boiler condemned, so no heating or hot water for a week; I’ve had emergency dental work; been dealing with two very unsettled children whose behaviour has been a challenge; had our credit card cloned and whilst I am still standing, still challenging the universe to “Bring it on” things have slipped…

  • My frequency of tweeting has diminished to less than a trickle, picking up occasionally when I really needed a cheer up from the lovely people out in the twitterverse.
  • My blogging has just ground to a halt.
  • Housework and laundry have piled up.
  • My consumption of red wine and refined sugar has increased (Eek!)
  • And whilst I have kept up climbing twice a week, the frequency of any CV or pilates training has been cut in about half.

And this just has to stop!  I have to get back into my normal routine, or my head will suffer. I have a stack of photos of yummy food to share, so I will try to be good and spread them out and actually get around to posting them, there are new meme’s to join and Christmas preparations to blog about (yes I’ve gone and said the C word… tut tut me)

Most of all, I am sorry I’ve been so antisocial, I am back to pester with a vengeance!

As a wee side note, a huge, immense, heartfelt, thank you to those that have patiently listened during this time; and you know who you are; there are days that I couldn’t have got through without you *mwah*