Reasons to be Cheerful

I’ve not joined in with this in ages, though each Friday as I read the reasons other people have been cheerful I do think of my own. Here are mine this week…

Hubs has been on holiday, and whilst at the start of the week there was a possibility he’d have to work some of it, I’ve had him all to myself all week, and there is still the weekend to come. Thus as the boys aren’t on holiday from nursery until next week, I’ve had him to myself for a couple of hours every morning, bliss. He’s also been doing the breakfast and often getting boys ready each morning, so I’ve had a holiday too.

I got to go climbing on Monday, and get to go tomorrow at 08:00 as the children are all on holiday next week and I won’t get a chance.  Climbing is great, whatever mood you start, by the end you just feel awesome.

I’ve downloaded the Apple iOS 5, so now my iTouch does so many more things, and I can even message, share photos and videos with my mates who have iPhones.

And lastly I have enrolled with Stanford University and started to study a course in Artificial Intelligence this week.  Blogging has suffered, as I really need to get back in the way of studying, and I need to get a home work assignment in by midnight Sunday… yikes! Though it’s great to get those grey cells moving again.

What are your reasons to be cheerful, why not join in, just press the button below…

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