Listography – Top 5 Celebrities I’d like to go for a beer with.

So Listography is probably my favourite linky of the week, (closely followed by the recipe shed I’d like to add), why? well I just like to spend time thinking what to include on my list, my first thoughts are rarely included in the final decision, and it’s just fun to think of things that are totally different to my norm.  This week, however, when I saw this, I groaned, why? well celebrity doesn’t do anything for me, as I mentioned here, and whilst I do like beer, (or a glass of wine), I wasn’t very enthused.

Then I started to think out of the box, and expand my thoughts a wee bit.  Now I don’t read anyone else’s listographies before I write my own, cos I wouldn’t want to be influenced by other people’s choices, so I’m not sure if this is really following the “rules” something I am not good at, at the best of times. When I do read other posts I am usually nodding away thinking, I wish I’d thought of that. My lists are very much of the moment which for me is very mood dependant. The other problem is that, if it ever did happen (impossible I know for three of them), I would be so disappointed if people ended up being dull and just not nice.

So this is my list, I hope I haven’t bent the rules too much as I’ve chosen not to have a beer with all of them, for a start…

Nigella Lawson… Funnily enough she is the first person I thought of; I’d like to meet her at her house and have a few cocktails and something yummy to eat, talk food and whatever else came up, then go out and see what mischief could be made.  Why Nigella, well to be honest I love her style of cooking, her passion, her energy and her lust for life.  She seems like the kind of person that doesn’t really care what the rest of the world thinks of her and just gets on with the living of it.

Guy Martin… For those of you who have yet to be captivated by Guy Martin he is a bike racer and mechanic; the only person to be younger than me on this list, also the one I would not go for a beer with. I would like to meet him of an afternoon for tea, talk and definitely go for a ride. OK perhaps a beer after, but I’d definitely like to ride pillion, whilst he drove some a route full of twists and turns through the British countryside. I’d definitely have to bring my friend with me, cos he’d get such a kick out of sharing a cup of tea with him and that in itself is motivation enough for Guy to make the list.

Rene Magritte (c. 1947)… He is, if not my favourite artist, then definitely one of them.  I am drawn to surrealistic art as it causes me to think. Why around 1947?  Well that was the start of his Vache Period, his art was bawdy; he was forging paintings by Picasso and the like to make ends meet at the end of the war and forging bank notes with his brother. His art captivates me, it would be interesting to get his view behind them. He intrigues me, the early suicide of his mother obviously affected him; the depressed times and having to participate in the war; and being part of a truly fascinating art movement; all lead me to believe he at least would have something interesting to say. The new-found provocativeness of his work at this time also makes me question the catalyst for this change. All in all an interesting chap to spend an evening with.

Pierre de Fermat (late 1660’s)… Fermat was a lawyer and an amateur mathematician, and it is for the latter that I would like to meet him.  His work in the field of calculus, and number theory interest me, though I suppose I’d quiz him on his infamous Last Theory, which wasn’t proven until 1994. At the end of the day I am a serious Maths geek and to hang out and have a beer with a great thinker like him would just be awesome.

Robert Redford (late 1960s early 1970s)… well I had to choose one person to swoon over, and who better than Robert Redford, around the time Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting were released. And to be honest if he brought Paul Newman along too, I would not mind at all. I’d fancy meeting in Colorado (somewhere I’ve never been) where he’d been to University for a while, go horseback riding or something outdoors; and then going for a beer, to spend the evening talking about anything and everything.  To be honest I would probably be content with the view, he he.

Now lots of people did not make the list, Claudia Winkleman was a close sixth choice as she just cracks me up, and then lots of other historical figures in the fields of Maths, Physics, Philosophy and Religion. Ooo and perhaps Ayrton Senna or Carlos Santana, hmm.


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