I’m back…

After an enforced absence, PC was unplugged and removed from the house, don’t worry I’ll explain all soon, I am back; and may I say I have missed you my dear blog.

Quite often during the last three weeks I have known exactly what I wanted to write, what my listographies would be, the recipes I would choose for the recipe shed, don’t even get me started on the Gallery, I have some adorable shots of delightful shoes modelled by my boys to post.  Alas I surmise that these ideas will unlikely see the light of day.

Time moves on and waits for no one…

Funnily enough reasons to be cheerful has been the most pertinent linky that I have missed.  To say the last couple of weeks have been a challenge is a bit of an understatement, but what I have learnt is that I am amazingly blessed with most wonderful friends.  Those close to home, that helped with their time and effort; that shared their house and shared their garage; and those in far-flung places that dropped me messages and kept my spirits up; listened to me until the wee hours and kept me company, as I did what I had to do.  Just as Mitch proposes, I took time out of the chaos and just looked at all I was to be thankful and cheerful for, and there are lots and lots.

Most of all I know I am loved.  In all sorts of ways. And how can one not be cheerful in that situation.

So I’m going to try to keep up, I’ve got out of the habit of blogging, and it is a habit, that needs to be fed.  I will tell you what I have been up to, it’s a bit gross, a bit icky, but we got through it.  But I will warn you it is still chaos here, so I will do my best.

You have been missed x