The Gallery – Animals

So this weeks prompt of Animals made me ponder, I could go up into the hills and take pictures of sheep, share some of the pics of sheep and Shetland ponies from holiday, walk round the corner and take pictures of whatever the farmer has in the field at the moment, sheep…. seeing a pattern yet?

However on Saturday my best friend, drove me and the boys to Craigmillar Castle and whilst in one of the basement rooms, Maxi announced, “Look Mum, birds, in the castle” so I thought, OK I’ll try to see if I can get a few shots of birds (OK read pigeons) amidst the setting of the castle.

The light was horrid; pigeons move really fast when you have two toddlers running about with enthusiasm and excitement (the castle is great, a ruin, but lots of turrets to walk up, and lots of nooks and crannies to hide in – our kind of castle); spotting them was a nightmare, though you were aware they were there watching us from above.