Recipe Shed – Mini “Sausages”

This weeks prompt from Keith at The Reluctant House Dad is Mince.  Another hard one for me as I cook mince lots, even make it myself, but rarely follow a recipe. I was going to share my spaghetti bolognese recipe, OK it’s not really mine, it’s my Mum’s that I’ve tweaked, and was all ready to make it today, but ran out of time, to do it justice (it is so much better if you can either pop it into the slow cooker to “mature” throughout the day, or cook for a couple of hours on the hob.

Though today at just after four, with two hungry hippos (morning nursery seems to make them hungry earlier) I made beef sausages served in pita bread and salad.

I used 500g of very lean mince.  the less than 7% kind, ground fine.  Now the fat content is important, the supermarkets sell a variety of mince from less than 20% fat, down to less than 7%.  To this I added 70g of crackers that had been whizzed to a fine crumb.  This is added as it softens the final sausage.  What else is there?  Oh yes, a large egg and seasoning.

I seasoned today’s with garlic, salt and pepper for the boys, but you can make them with whatever seasoning you like.  Smoked paprika and chilli works well, as does the addition of chorizo sausage or black pudding chopped finely.  Adding pickles also works, oh and onion… this list could go on and on.

So now you need to mix everything together.  Use your hands as for one thing it feels nice and squishy, I am such a child… but also it means that the seasoning gets evenly distributed.

If I get the chance I leave the mix to marinade, particularly if I am using garlic, but I didn’t have time today so I just moulded them into mini sausage shapes and griddled them, turning them as they cooked.

The mixing and shaping are both good wee tasks to get your little ones doing, my two love to help, just make sure they don’t eat the mixture when it’s raw.

Once cooked, they are ready to be added to pita pockets with shredded salad and drizzled with natural yoghurt.  Yum!

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