Listography – Last Week

So having heard our guilty confessions last week Kate at Kate takes 5 she’s left us a nice easy task to share what we got up to last week.

Now the schools & nurseries went back today, so last week was the last one of the summer holidays, for once hubs had the weekend off, and the weather was quite nice, so I thought we’d better make the most of it.

Wednesday…Catch up on Skype… I got to have a rather delightful skype date and caught up on what was going on many miles away.  Always lovely, but does leaves me wanting more.

Thursday…Swimming with lovely ladies… The boys and I, met a yummy mummy and her delightful four-year old daughter for a swim.  Only the second time I’ve been to the pool, without a one to one ratio of adults to children. Not only did everyone have fun, I survived and fancy going back very soon.

Friday…Friends round for cake… Two lovely new friends came round in the morning, I made cake (you must be getting bored of the pictures but I’ll share another…) they played with the boys & we had a good long chat.  Meeting up for coffee became staying for lunch, it was great.

Saturday…Ride on a steam train… Hubs was home & I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, so we went to the Bo’ness Railway had a picnic on a steam train and spent the afternoon having a good look around the museum.  Boys had a blast, Mini keeps asking to go back, even if he really just wants to go back to the shop to try to give all the toy trains new homes!

Sunday…Trip to the seaside… Again hubs wasn’t working, and the weather wasn’t raining so we ventured over to Burntisland made sand-castles, splashed in the North Sea, had a picnic, climbed at the park, ate ice-cream & came home exhausted.

So that was my last week… what were you up to?