Reasons to be cheerful

I know I’m late, but this week I seem to be blogging a day behind… My reasons to be cheerful this week are my children and the things they say.  I’ve recorded a few of them to share;

Maxi (having watched something about 3 wishes);
Mummy I have three wishes, one that Mini will be my brother forever; two that we can make paper Diesel 10’s and paint them; three that I can get Siddeley for Christmas
(we had planned to make Diesel 10’s that day, he’s obsessed with getting Siddeley who is the spy plane from Cars 2 for Christmas, but I just loved that the first wish was that he wanted his brother to be his brother forever)

Mini (Quoting from one of his current favourite books Rhino’s don’t eat Pancakes) ;
Have you ever got the feeling your Mum and Dad don’t listen to you…
Me; “Do you mean me?
Maxi; “Not you Mummy, Grama & Dadad...” (that’s my parents)

Maxi (After his wee brother tried to jump on me);
Don’t forget that Mummy is delicate so don’t bite her or she’ll get hurt

Mini (With a self contented, mischievous grin on his face)
I can keep my Mummy for ever and ever

Maxi (Out of the blue)
My Mummy is really strong cos she can lift lots of heavy logs

& these are just the thing’s they’ve said this week when I’ve had a note-book to hand. Hope you’ve all had a good week, why not tell us all about it and link up to Mitch’s site.
Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart