Listography – Guilty Pleasures

This weeks Listography challenge from Kate at Kate takes 5 is to list your top five guilty pleasures. I had great trouble coming up with these, I had another list going, but well, that was just not embarrassing enough, so I dug deep and thought of what really were my guilty pleasures.

Fantasy Hero… This is a time eating, seriously addictive, interactive game on the iPhone/iTouch. You have to make friends, complete training, duel to raise funds, and make your little avi more powerful by buying better clothes.  It is not high-tech, but there is a smidge of strategy and it’s social.  It’s played by people of all ages, around the globe. I’ve made some dear friends playing this daft game, and an enemy of my OH some days, as he looks at me weirdly, as I am glued to my iTouch.  I’m not doing well at the moment, I’ve slipped to 47th overall… (there are thousands of people who play this game) this is because, since the summer holidays started in June, I’ve reigned back on my play, as I was getting too addicted (at least I don’t have it when I am mobile at the moment, it’s the reason OH doesn’t want me to get an iPhone).  The thing I particularly like is that it is a 24 hour game, and when I’m suffering from serious bouts of insomnia it’s there ready to welcome me in with open arms.  All joking aside I have lots to thank this game for, even though just admitting I play is making me cringe…

The Gilmore Girls… Oh my dear Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Lane, Paris, Sookie, Michel, Kirk, and the truly delicious Jess, Logan & Christopher, I miss you so.  I’ve seen all your episodes more than once, and remember when you were shown the first time around on Nickelodeon, it was at the weekend (about 5pm) and OH and I would always make sure we were back from our endeavours in time to see it.  You then moved to Hallmark, and after E4 picked it up, they showed it from the very beginning.  It is a story of a dizzy mother and a totally together daughter, living in a small town, the trials and tribulations they meet with and the people that they share their lives with. I could wax lyrical about how much I love this show, but I’ll stop there and share some pics…

Dried Cherries… I love the sweet sour flavour of dried cherries, I’ve always been a fan of dried fruit, but the marriage with the tart sour flavour is just heavenly.  Until recently I could only find them enrobed in Green & Blacks dark chocolate (not a bad thing mind you). A chocolate bar that goes really well with a heavy, plummy, robust red wine, mmmm. Recently however I have found these illusive (to me) dried morsels at Costco.  The come in 567g bags, and the first time I found them about a quarter of the bag was eaten on the way home.  I have to hide them in the back of the cupboard, or I’d be just popping in for a few delicious nubs all the time. To me these are the quintessential “once you pop you can’t stop” snack.

Brat Pack Films… Want to make me happy? It’s not really that difficult, a delicious glass of wine, a quiet house and a Brat Pack Film.  That being a film with at least three of the brat pack actors in it. I will admit my favourites are Andrew McCarthy, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillan, Rob Lowe and the formidable Molly Ringwall. They remind me of being a wee lass, staying up all night and all day watching movies.

Having the house to myself during the day… I have two small boys, a husband that works lots and no family near by, so this happens very infrequently.  But the real guilty pleasure is when I forget what “needs to be done” and I make myself a cup of coffee, then drink it, when it’s actually warm, and I either read a book or do some knitting, tweet or as a real treat, partake in a skype date.  It doesn’t happen that often, but just the thought of the quiet is putting a smile on my face.