Reason’s to be cheerful

I love this time of the week, when I reflect on what has made me the most happy… I was going to take inspiration from the delightful Mitch at Mummy from the Heart, and write about the great books I am reading, though there are so many that I’ve dipped in and out of this week, the post would go on for days…

This week has been filled with delicious dichotomies;

  • a family funeral where I arrived sad, stressed and late, and left with the biggest smile I’ve had in a long time;
  • a trip to the National Museum of Scotland with some ace people (10 children & 3 adults!) which I was so excited about, but was a wee bit too much for my two darlings, so ended being tiring for all (though they asked to go back the next day!);
  • some people sharing less, but others sharing more;
  • my heel still hurting, but being able to go on a 20k bike ride;
  • a birthday cake to make for a 4yo birthday party on Friday (arg that’s tomorrow and it’s yet to be iced…), it was requested to be a chocolate cake, which I’m not a fan of unless it is “good” chocolate cake, so lets just say this one is dense, moist and so chocolaty, almost too good for wee ones.  I hope it will look like Lightning Mcqueen by the time I’m done & yes I’ll share the recipe if it does taste as good as it looks.  The pressure I’ve put on me to do a good job is immense, as I normally only make cakes for my children’s parties;
  • the truly exciting prospect of my little sis (aka Aunty S) arriving Thursday evening and staying all weekend, but still having to clean house;
  • And the house, toys (and children) being sprinkled with glitter, as they wanted to be more like Mummy, sparkly, but (see previous point) having to clean house…

At this very moment I am happy, daft, smiling from the inside and out, but earlier in the week I was filled with an ache, the complete opposite feeling… as I said this week has been a dichotomy.  The two extremes of the bell curve.

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