I’ve just checked my list of posts and I noticed that there are quite a few still in the draft state.

These are mostly recipes that have been started and are waiting, for the motivation to finish them.  I have come to realise that recipes are not my strong point, why?  Well probably because I do not follow recipes, and trying to quantify weights and times are beyond me.  That mixed with the fact that I really hate it when I look up recipes on the web and they do not work.

One of these days I should take some pictures of my little recipe cookbook, you know the one, it has lots of recipes collected over the years, it has a broken spine due to much use and the quantity of pieces of paper that have been placed between its pages. It is kept next to the microwave, tucked into a corner, close at hand so I always know where it is.  Now I am not precious and am always happy to share, but I MUST work out how to transcribe my scribbles into something people can follow.

Also in my drafts are posts that are ideas that are not quite complete.  Some sparked off by other people’s blogs, some just by random incidents that have occurred.  These are often the ones that I really should plan rather than brain dump onto the page.

Then there are the brain dumps, the ones that allow me to vent my feelings, some a wee bit cutting to share, some that I know some people will know who I’m referencing, or that are as someone once put it, are a wee bit too personal.

My favourite, and the ones that I believe I will not be posting, are the ones about people who I love, happy times that make me smile, that are just for me.  I go back and read these occasionally to remind myself of the feelings I had at the time.  The butterflies in my stomach, the giddy childish feelings that to this day make me smile.

I suppose I should decide what to do with all these drafts, post them or trash them, or perhaps just leave them for me.