Reasons to be cheerful

We have been blessed the last couple of weeks with some truly lovely weather, so I’ve been at the park most days with the boys.

A couple of times this week, Maxi has asked to stay at home for the day, he just wanted to play with his lego, paint, pester his brother, but most of all play with play doh.

I do love play doh, the smell, the squishiness of it just makes me smile.  We are lucky as we were given a huge set with lots of tools and many, many colours.

I am a bit OCD when it comes to play doh and I do like the colours to be kept separate, so at the beginning of each play session the boys have to choose a colour they want to play with and promise not to squish them together (it is usually OK but we do have a few pots of mixed, brownish coloured stuff)

This week it has been all about the creations, I have had a few requests, a car, van, helicopter (!) and an aeroplane… I’m just happy that I got to play with the lovely squishy stuff; even if the creations are, well, interesting…

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