Listography – Lessons I learned from my parents

The ever imaginative Kate from Kate Takes 5 has set a new Listography for this week, “Lessons I learned from my parents“.

Now even though I run about a week behind posting this, I love her lists, it gives me something to ponder about all week.  This week it was not what five things would I choose, but which.  My Parents taught me lots, as did my Grandparents and even though they were not all lessons I wanted to listen to when I was being told them, they have mostly put me in good stead for adult life.  So here are the five that made the short list…

Never a lender or a borrower be… I suppose that this in contrast to the other thing they lived by which was those that need get, but I think they wanted me to understand that money changes friendships, however much you think it wont, something usually comes up.  I do however ignore this one occasionally, but only when I am happy for the money leant to be a gift.  As for being a borrower, I hate even borrowing from the bank, I am so boring and like to save for things before I buy.  I know this prudent streak comes from my parents, who made do with very little, and I rarely even noticed.

Do on to others as you would wish them to do to you… I say this to my children all the time.  And whilst it does not always turn out that your behaviour is mirrored back to you, at least you know in your heart you have done the right thing.

Open your eyes and ears and close your mouth… Oh my, if I had a pound for ever time this was said to me… and I suppose it sort of stuck.  Those that know me might disagree, though I do endeavour to observe what is going on around me, and act on the unspoken interactions.  I do however had a bad habit of addressing theses unspoken feelings of others, but I’ve not really had any negativity to doing so.  Those that are in pain can’t always say so.  This has also been a good stance to take whilst at work, it has allowed me to learn before I put my two pence worth in.

Allow those you love to be free, never caged, they will always fly back if they are meant to… This freaks people out, I try to encourage those I love to grow, do things they love, chase what they love, clear in the knowledge that they may not return. I would never want to cage those I love, clip their wings and kill the essence of self and passion.

Speak the Queen’s English, least you are always understood… I was born overseas, my mother was born and brought up in another country and she was brought up speaking three languages.  We have always had international friends, speakingclear English has allowed me to be understood.  It also helped as my Father would not talk to me if I spoke lazy English, and he promptly refused to speak to me when I came home from a three day trip to Liverpool with a Liverpudlian accent!  This has however caused great confusion in Scotland, as I have often been mistaken for English (when my family comes from Shetland).

So these are but five of the many things my parents taught me, I wonder what my children will say that I taught them…