C25K week 1 day 2

The other day my darling friends in Arkansas posted “Who wants to do C25K with me starting on Monday at 8pm?  If you’re not sure what it is …. Google… The more the merrier!…”  Well first of all I had no idea what she was on about, but am nosy so googled it, and found that the C25K is a Couch to 5k running program.

Running is something I’ve always aspired to do, but I suffer from shin splints and am, how shall I put it, not built to run, so have always avoided it.  I am inspired by a few friends who were in a similar position to me and since the beginning of this year I’ve been trying to get motivated to start.  (yes that’s six months of procrastination!) The good thing about this training program is that you can download a myriad of apps which tell you what to do on the way, whilst you listen to your own music.

The first week consists of 5 min brisk walk warm up then 1 min run followed by 1.5 min walk cycles, completed eight times, finishing with a 5 min walk cool down.

Sunday came, it was sunny and I thought I can do this…. I had however forgotten one thing, I HATE RUNNING! but I got through it, just (the power of mind over body is strong), and once it was done I felt AWESOME!  Yesterday admittedly I was tight and sore, but stretches on the pilates reformer sorted me out.  I woke up this morning, later than I’d wanted to (thank you mini for getting me up at four am) and eventually went out for today’s training.

It started well, it didn’t hurt as much as last time, I could actually complete the run times, I felt improvement, I felt my shins tighten, not so good, but I knew a good stretch would sort them out, then I started to get a niggling pain in my right heel, by the time I got home it was so sore there were tears streaming down my face.

I’d promised the boys that we’d go and see Cars 2, so I had a shower, fed them, thought heels would be the best footwear to go out in (surprisingly 3 inch stilettos were the most comfortable shoes for the job).

I’ve just done the weekly shop and I’m off to ice my foot again, it hurts so much, but fingers crossed it’ll be fine for Thursday.

(& yes this is what my brain is actually thinking, that this excruciating pain will go away and I’ll be able to run again on Thursday, we shall see…)