It’s a secret, shhhh…

I’m not sure whether it is the caffeine I had in my coffee this morning that is making me jittery (I haven’t really drunk caffeine in years); or the silly tweets that made me laugh; or that piece of information that you shared yesterday that I must not distribute. But every time I think of said information I feel an overwhelming, incredible, excitement; similar to butterflies fluttering throughout my body, pushing to escape.

It’s one of those things I am itching to tell, share and allow to multiply.  Then I think of the opportunity for distortion; of this idea so young and the negativity or jealousy that may be attached to it.  To be perfectly honest it’s mine, and not for anyone else’s ears or preconceived ideas.

But oh, it is almost leaching out; wanting to infect the space around me; so just so I don’t burst, I’m making reference to it here, leaving a wee teaser of what may eventually come to fruition, or perish before it’s born.

I wish I could, but I can’t, so I won’t…

It could be nothing; it could be life changing; the merest daydream in that direction is making my head want to explode with the possibilities.  The first time this wave washed over me I was totally taken aback; how could something; so simple as the memory of a handful of your words; be able to stop me in my tracks.

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