Reason’s to be Cheerful

As with most teenagers, I used to listen to music for hours, and one of my favourite bands was The Cure.  My mother would always say “Why do they call themselves The Cure, they should be known as The Disease…”  I’m not sure if it amused me then, but it makes me giggle every time I think about it now…

This week I got to hear lots of new music.  Your musical passion was shared.  Now some were bands I knew, some I’d heard of and some totally brand new to me.

I’ve spent all week either will my head phones in my ears, tuned out as I go around doing my chores, or the volume cranked up in the car or on the stereo.  Maxi has even started to sing along with some of the tracks.

I have been surprised at how I’ve been transported back to my teenage self, lying on my bed tuned into the music, drowning out my life.  I just hope the optimism and vitality is revived too.

I have also been surprised that as I listen more, I have started searching out songs, that at first hear I thought “What is this?!

Most of all I am delighted by how much pleasure it has brought me.

I think my favourite find this week is the Flobots, I keep playing it over and over again…

Thank you for the reminder of how much I like music, how essential it is to my life, and that whilst Thomas the Tank Engine is a valid music choice, I am most cheerful for the change!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart