Favourite time of the day…

I’ve been trying to motivate myself out of a funk I’m currently in.  Probably caused by the boys being on holiday, filled with energy from around 06:00 each morning, never seeming to stop until bedtime.  Often resulting in disagreements and high volume debate.  “I want that toy” “No it’s my turn!” The fact Mini is potty training, and Maxi seems to be regressing is not helping; nor is the fact Hub’s days off keep falling mid-week, resulting in meeting up with little friends less often (he often likes family time, just the four of us when he’s not working). Top that off with some really horrendous tantrums and that’s about where I am with life at the moment.

This morning, with a morning wake up of 05:55, I stumbled down the stairs to free a toy Mini wanted to play with; negotiated a sharing timetable as they both want to play with said toy (timers with buzzers save my life!); started cooking up the strawberries that I’d prepared last night to make jam; caught up with face book & twitter; made tongue tingling, delicious coffee; IM’ed my darling friends in different time zones, to see what they’d been up to for their evening and wish them a good night’s sleep; sliced watermelon; served cereal; cleared up spilt juice; danced and jumped around to music; read LOTs of stories; got cuddles; waited for Hubs to get up, I realised that I relish this time of the day, however hectic and noisy, it is when I have bags of energy; I’m told I have been missed overnight and that I am loved.