Reasons to be Cheerful

Last week I couldn’t think of anything I was cheerful for, I was in a dark gloomy mood; this normally quite positive person was lost under a dark cloud.  I had things to look forward to, but no energy to do so.

Then Sunday arrived, the day my darling friend D, had got tickets (VIP no less) to go to Taste of Edinburgh. (& I promise I will blog about it soon as I have some rather yummy photos of food & chefs to share). For four hours (well more if you add the journey there and back) I was without children, surrounded by yummy food, beamed on by hot sunshine and it was bliss.  I was seen as myself, able to hold a conversation the did not revolve around toddlers, with a bag that did not hold snacks, changes of pants etc. I just got to be me for the day.

Not only did D arrange my Sunday, (it was a late birthday treat) but an evening this week, she fed, bathed & put to bed my boys so I could go out for dinner with Hubs!  It’s only been a handful of times we’ve been able to do that since the boys have arrived, so this was a big thing for us.

So today, as I look back on my week, she is the reason I am cheerful, and I hope she knows how thankful I am for her friendship.

Oh and another thing I am cheerful for are the delightful presents that keep arriving in my Dropbox folder, a new delight each day, but that’s another story…

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