Sunday morning & the cupboards are bare…

Yesterday morning, I was woken at the usual 06:00 by my darlings Maxi and Mini, we played for a while, then I went to make them some cereal & toast for breakfast.  Cereal check, milk check, bread… no bread, ok I thought I’d just get some crumpets, I always have crumpets… checked for crumpets and again no.  There were no baked goods in the house (ok so there were a couple of cupcakes, but that’s not breakfast food)

What was I going to feed my cherubs?  I’d made pancakes the day before, and whilst always popular, I just wasn’t in the mood for them.  I was thinking of making a loaf of bread, but with time for rising required, that would be a while, so I thought, I’ve got buttermilk in the fridge, I’ll make buttermilk scones.

I looked for a recipe on my iTouch and found this one by Nigella on the BBC Food Site.  I do like Nigella’s recipes as she is fuss free and always work.

I measured out 500g of plain flour, 2 teaspoons each of bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar and sugar (she says caster sugar but I never have any in the house, though it would have mixed better in the mixture).  I mixed these dry ingredients well, as the flour would need to be well mixed with the raising agents to allow the scones to rise.

I then added 75g of butter, and using my fingertips, mixed them all together to make a mix that looked like breadcrumbs.

I then added 300ml and worked it all together into a soft dough.  Now you don’t want to overwork the dough at this stage, as that would make heavy scones.

I rolled the dough out until it was about 3 cm thick (I like tall scones) and cut them into 5 cm diameter circles.  At this stage, Nigella suggests to paint the tops with an egg wash to make them glossy, but to be honest I didn’t want to “waste” an egg just for appearance.  So I popped them into a preheated oven at 220ºC and cooked them for about 12 minutes.

Once out and having cooled on a wire rack, I filled them with butter and cream and they were quickly consumed by all.  I made 15, and apparently they freeze, so I’ve popped them into the freezer to eat on another day.

The recipe was quick and resulted in very light scones, I may add dried sour cherries or raisins to the mix next time, mmmm the possibilities!