Reasons to be Cheerful

Today’s reasons to be cheerful (and yes I know I am a day late…ups) are pieces of tech that have brightened my week.

The first is an app that allows me never to miss anyone’s blog posts, and doesn’t clog up my inbox a day later than the posts are written.  Thanks to the lovely @dogbombs who told me about Google Reader.  I know this is probably not new to anyone else but it is shiny and new to me. Not only that but it works on my iTouch and on my PC… I’m a happy little camper!

The second is technology that allowed me to feel like I was in the same room, whilst really being over four thousand miles away (just checked on “How Far Is It Between” and it was apparently 4376.317 miles as the crow flies… the things you learn from the internet).

Join Me added to a Skype phone-call allowed me to participate viewing pictures on a laptop far away and actually engage in the ensuing conversation.  OK to all you über, techie people out there this is probably nothing new, but to me, I just thought it was great.  The concept that wherever on the globe you can feel close to those you care about makes me truly happy, and whilst I will admit that a hand written letter is very special to receive, the fact that I can communicate in real-time is wonderful.

I do wonder what my Grandfather would have made of it all, he would have been 100 years old this year, he used to tell me that he remembered life without telephones.  He was sent audio cassette tapes when his son lived in the far east, and this carried on whilst his grand-children were far away too.  He loved the idea of keeping in touch, he would have been most amused by all of this.

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