I really should not be up at this time, I really should be in bed sleeping.  I know tomorrow morning will hurt, especially since one of my boys will wake me at about 6am (I got a lie in today til 6:30am Yay!)

So why am I still awake, well firstly because I’ve been making cupcakes for Maxi’s nursery teachers, and secondly because I got distracted by an interactive game, IMs, Facebook, Twitter & blog comments, to name but a few.

The conversations allow me to peek out of the windows that are all around me and see what is out there, out of my reach, but still out there.

This photograph, was taken at Muness Castle in Unst, through one of the circular arrow windows, out into the world, safe in my own one.  Out over a barren, treeless land, full of magic and beauty.  On an island I wish I could go back and live on.

I suppose, now home, I could find something of value that excites me and keeps my brain occupied, I do have that, to some extent, but I’m not sure it add’s to my productivity. It does infiltrate my brain and increases my distraction, (truly deliciously I might add.)

I think I need to get back to work, but with a hubs that works shifts, that are not on a regular shift pattern, and are five out of seven days, and with two wee boys I sometimes wonder if it 1/ if it will be economically viable for us and 2/ whether it would in fact, increase my insomnia as I wonder how I will get everything done and still be a good wife, (for when hubs is actually around) of course a good mother.  Oh and then I still have the problem of finding a job, something that I have been slowly trying to do for a while now.

I would just like to say a warm thank you to all those gorgeous, darling people, who have responded to my missives this evening, I often do not think they realise how important their conversations are to my life.

Good night dear friends, you know who you are, without you I’d be lost. x