The Gallery – three word gallery

This week’s Gallery challenge is “Three word Gallery” inspired by the drive time show on BBC Radio 2.  Now I love Simon Mayo’s three word synopsis of people’s days.  They are often amusing, vague and without explanation.  Rarely, however can I come up with anything witty or “read out on the radio worthy”

I’ve been thinking of this Gallery challenge all week, and have actually come up with a few ideas, but the one I have chosen is…

Fell in Bog

OK, now I can hear the sniggering and the “why on earth were you anywhere near a bog” and my favourite “so where is the picture of you in said bog“, so here is my attempt to answer…

To take the picture I used in Silent Sunday this week, I had to walk half way round what is known as the “Herma Ness Circuit, Unst” right up the top of the UK to the building at the most northerly point.  I was told by my Dad to park in the car-park, walk up the hill, then take the right hand fork.

This was exceedingly good advice, as it meant the first part of the walk was over the boggy nature reserve and we could look at all the birds… with me stopping every few minutes to take pictures that I cannot find today!!

Here’s me doing some of that there stopping and fiddling with the camera…  Once at the cliffs the rain got heavier, but I endeavoured and was actually quite pleased with the picture I published on Sunday.

Then, through the rain, the path wound parallel to the cliffs.  The ground was boggy, but I had a stick, supposedly to check the ground… there was a river of water (OK a wee one, lets not exaggerate here!) that was in the way, and hubs went one way pretty much straight over it (he’s got longer legs than me) and I saw a patch of luminous green leaves and was wondering what they were… checked the ground, soft but not too soggy… walk in & sink, and when I tried to move my legs, I sunk deeper, right to my thighs.  Hubs ran over a wee bit panicked, and pulled me out (my knight in shining gortex) I was just giggling, the only things I was worried about, were my camera and my iTouch, neither that I wanted to break.  Unfortunately in his panicked state, hubs did not take a picture… silly man… but I am most thankful he pulled me out.

We carried on walking round, and I proceeded to tell everyone we met what had happened… I’m a bit like that, the other topics of conversation were, “isn’t it dreich today“, to which the English folk just looked at me bemused.

Once round the cliffs the walk home was easy, over a road over the boggy area, this took us about a quarter of the time to walk, and there was no chance of any more mishaps.

I told the bog falling in story to family members later that day (mother was surprisingly unphased, she must be used to my clumsiness) though the new people I met were most amused and derided the fact no pictures were taken.

There is a wee epilogue to this story; a couple of days later we had stopped at the side of the road to take some pictures of some Shetland Ponies, we hadn’t seen any other people all day, and it was mid-afternoon.  A couple walked down the road to us, took one look at me and said “Aren’t you the one who fell into the bog the other day” FANTASTIC!  I laughed, I was infamous.