Listography – Inventions

This weeks theme, set as usual, by the lovely Kate at Kate Takes 5 is Inventions, or if you will Inventions that-would-make-life-easier.

A “thing” locator… lets just say thank goodness I can call my mobile from our land line to find it, as I am always losing it, my keys, iTouch, library books, camera, passports, marbles… Now this doesn’t happen when the thing I am looking for is located where it lives (yes everything has a home in our house, but things are often out visiting) Something often happens, and it invariable does in a house with two wee toddlers, resulting in items not make their way back home.

A volume switch for my children… This is really an invention for hubs as he finds it amazing that I can just tune out the noise of our house, though occasionally it would be nice to put them on mute, if only for a minute or so, to allow me to make a phone call in peace.

A device that speeds up or slows down time… I know this one is naughty as I should be experiencing every minute for what it is, whether dull and full of potty training or laundry, or blissfully filled with delicious conversation.  Though sometimes a fast-forward button to get me to bath time, or a slow-time button to fully appreciate those fleeting moments that keep you going through the chaos would be lovely.

An instant transporter… so I can walk through a door in my house and be anywhere in the world, add that to the previous invention and I would be in pure bliss, I could pop over to a friends for a coffee; stop time so I could stay for lunch, and still be home in time to pick up little people from Nursery (when they go together next semester & I get two hours to myself each day, YAY!)

& finally a self-cleaning house… How wonderfully awesome, would that be?!  I can put up with being fatter than I would prefer, I’d take less money coming in each month, but pure bliss would be a self-cleaning house, where the washing would just be dropped in the washing basket and appear clean and ironed in the draws/wardrobes, dishes would appear at the dining table, and magically get cleaned and put back into the cupboards until next time, hovering that was just done, dusting, window washing, floor mopping…

OK where can I go to get at least a prototype of these inventions 😉