Listography – Decisions

This week Kate’s Listography is inspired by Christine Mosler at Thinly Spread who has made the brave decision to travel to Mozambique to raise awareness for the Save the Children ‘No Child Born To Die‘ campaign – please click the ‘Take Action‘ and sign the petition, it takes seconds.

Here goes, 5 decisions I’m glad I’ve made…

Asking for Help… OK this will be vague, but the most important decision I’ve made in my life is to ask for help when I truly needed it.  Then not stopping until the correct diagnosis was found, 6 years later.  Now owning the diagnosis, not allowing it to own me.

Joining Yorkshire URNU… That’s the University Royal Naval Unit don’t you know. When I was at Leeds University in the early nineties, there were at couple of things I wanted to do with my life, fly air planes & own my own restaurant, so when I had the opportunity to join the newly formed Yorkshire branch of the URNU, I jumped at the chance. You got paid to go, the beer was subsidised, you were given a uniform, the captain was a helicopter pilot so could give me lots of tips to join the Navy once I’d graduated (the RAF had told me I was a girl when I went for an interview at school, but that’s another story).  What I did not bank on was meeting the man who is now my husband, and being told by his boss that I would eventually, if I joined up, have to choose between my career and my association with him (yes I was told I’d have to stop being friends with him or my career would not go anywhere as he was an NCO and I’d be an officer).  Well I’m not very good at being told what to do at the best of times, so forces life for me became one as a Naval wife, and thirteen years and counting later I’m still here to tell the tale. (& I got to run restaurants for a few years too)

Moving Here… We used to live in Edinburgh, in a wee two bed flat, but it was starting to burst at the seams, now I am just going to say this was due to the fact the kitchen was tiny, and did not have enough space to store all my gadgets, and not mention at all that I’m married to a hoarder who keeps everything, “just in case”.  So we started looking for something bigger, that could be afforded, that was within 50 miles of his work (a must for him to be able to live off base) and came across this new build, with the amazing view of the hills, central to everything, OK schools, then waited almost two years for the plot to be available, and moved in nine years ago.  Of course now I wish it was bigger, as hubs has accumulated more things since the move, including two little boys…

Getting pregnant when I did… yes this was a huge decision as hubs always wanted children but never wanted to think about having children.  When we first got married, I said “not for at least five years” and he said just as long as we don’t have to “try” it’s OK with me… what does that mean?  Well he’d heard stories from his mates of how their wives got obsessed with getting pregnant, which meant the whole act became more of a technical procedure than any fun, so he always told me he never wanted to think about it. Well the huge responsibility fell on me to decide when, though after my being ill, hubs, who is eleven years older than me, just thought he’d never be a Dad, and was more than happy to just have me (it was touch and go for a while) so when circumstances changed and I thought a baby wouldn’t be too bad a thing and fell pregnant a couple of months later he was over the moon.  I actually found out the day his sister called to say she was 20 weeks pregnant, I was going to keep it to myself for a day, just so I was used to the idea, but it’s funny how things come out.  By the time I fell pregnant the second time, when maxi was six months old, he was surprised again.  I, however, knew it was the right time, and am most happy about the decision.

& finally deciding to make thrice cooked belly pork for dinner… OK so perhaps not the most important of my decisions, but for the moment, it means my house is engulfed with a lovely roast porky smell, the pork has been boiled and slow roasted, it just needs to be shallow fried to get all crispy on the outside and soft and juicy in the middle.  Perhaps not the most sensible decision from a diet point of view, but served with steamed rice, broccoli and beans; as long as you only have a little it’s not too bad.  Mmm mouth is watering, bring on dinner!