Reasons to be cheerful

Today as I write this, full of home-made croissants and hugs from my family, in the sunshine where it is actually hot outside, I find it easy to find things I am cheerful for.  I will however focus on one.

Today is my birthday, I have been here on this planet for 36 years.  I am proud to share how old I am, as each year as I celebrate my birthday I also celebrate that I have survived another year, and am here to tell the tale.

Now there have been good years, and not so good years, ones that have flown by, and others that linger.  Each hump and bump on this road called life, has had its purpose and has had an influence to the woman I am now.  However low the low points or manic and mad the high points I would not change one bit.

I know many people who do not share how old they are, or do not like to celebrate their ageing, but I think it’s ace.  Particularly since I’ve long come to realise that however old I actually am (and yes I know I’m not that old yet) my brain is the same age as it was in my twenties, and I don’t think it will mature any further.

I am also particularly cheerful for all the cards I’ve been sent, and the Facebook posts to my wall, the fact my parents and sister were able to spend this morning with me, and of course my wee family and their cuddles.

All in all I feel most loved, and how can you not feel cheerful when you are loved x

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart