Listography – Finals

Kate from Kate takes 5, has taken a break from her weekly top 5 this week. She handed it over to The Reluctant Housedad, who keeps pestering on his twitter feed to join in, so here goes, please be kind as I’ve not done so before…

Final Sound – My children giggling, particularly my youngest who has the dirtiest laugh, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a noise like that should not be coming out of a three-year old.

Final Food – Oh this is so hard, there are so may things that I like to eat, I was actually thinking about this on the way shopping this evening, I was planning a dinner for my parents and sister who will be visiting later this week, and was wondering if I was cooking a last dinner would it be, hmmm.  I suppose what I decided on was something really simple, a beautifully hung fillet of beef, griddled or barbecued on a high heat so it’s still blue inside. Broccoli, there would have to be broccoli, I think that is my favourite veg, I can eat it all the time.  Quickly steamed and stir-fried with garlic and chilli, lots of chilli and olive oil.

Final resting place – Cremated and ashes scatter to sea looking towards the Muckle Flugga in Unst, the island my family is from in Shetland.  The place my grandparents are scattered, and where my parents will, one day rest.  It is also where I’m going to go for the first time next week, I’m so excited!

Final trip – This would be to visit all my friends all over the world, a trip I’ve been promising to do for years, and planning in my head, all I need is a lottery win so I can take at least six months off to visit each and everyone.  From Kuwait, to Manilla, Christchurch to San Ramon, San Diego to Louisville, Little Rock and then all over the UK.  (just to name a few of the places on route)

Final Kiss – shhhh that would be telling, though I suppose it really should be hubs.