Glittery Jelly

So Saturday was Mini’s birthday party, and you can’t have a birthday party without jelly and ice-cream, can you?  Mini and I had decided that the people to be invited were mostly “big people friends” so I had a dilemma, how to jazz it up so it was suitable for a more discerning audience.

Now I was throwing this party together fast, so no time to make a fancy jelly, so I cheated and used Hartley’s Jelly Tablets, (now just to make sure everyone is aware, there is only one flavour of jelly, strawberry, anything else is just, well, not right)

Now my Mum had emptied her kitchen out; giving me all the weird and wonderful Tupperware, biscuit cutters and the like; and one thing she had given me was a ring jelly mould.  First attempt I used two packets of jelly, well that didn’t set (that’ll teach me to make jelly at stupid o’clock and not really look at what I was doing).  So I made it again with four blocks (three would have done, but quite hard jelly is favoured in our house by the little people).

I’d not long been to one of my favourite shops that sells decorated cakes, and everything you need to do so yourself, and had picked up more edible glitter.  So just after lightly oiling the jelly mould, I sprinkled a light dusting of white glitter over the mould.  I also added some to the jelly mixture, but that was less obvious in the end.  The melted jelly was poured in, and the mould put in the fridge. Job done!

OK so at this point I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out at all, but I was harassed, I had a whole long list of things to do, so I thought whatever happened we’d have jelly.

So the night before the party, around eleven pm, I turned it out onto a big plate, and wow! it looked really cool.

But that was not enough, I texted my best friend to ask her to pick up berries on the way to my house in the morning and she turned up with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries (aren’t best friends great!)

So this was the final dish, that was served with vanilla ice cream or cream (or both… he he)
Really quick to make, most inexpensive, and served fifteen.