Reasons to be Cheerful

Today it is Mini’s third birthday and I am cheerful of that in so many ways.

Firstly can I say that I cannot believe my baby will be 3!!  He has become an articulate, little person who has a huge personality, belligerent yet kind, hard-headed yet understanding.

I love the fact that he says that his 4-year-old big brother is his best friend.  That when not in the company of his brother he is (mostly) contented to play with his trains, creating weird and wonderful track formations.  Being obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, knowing all the trains names and numbers.

I love the fact he gets so excited about cake; that his giggle is a really dirty one (it really should not be coming from one so young); that he is very affectionate; that after your brother apologies to him (for taking your toy or harassing you in some other way) he say “it’s OK, you’re not going to do it again, you promise”; that when I am having a really hard day, he seem to know it, comes over to me, give me a huge cuddle and tells me he love me.  Yes my dear son, I am cheerful that you are in my life for so many reasons.

Happy Birthday, now you are three!  I hope your fourth year is a good one x

As for blogs, my two absolute favourites are
Slugs on the Refrigerator – Kat takes amazing pictures and writes with a beautiful honesty. She makes some really cool things too, and has great ideas, she does with her children.
Notes from the Cookie Jar – Karen is ace, and also writes from the heart, she also has delicious recipes that always work at Chasing Tomatoes.

There are lots of other blogs, mostly that I am just finding, but these two are ones I’ve read for a long time and I look forward to every new post.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart