The Gallery – My Backyard

I am truly blessed to be able to look out of my back door and have this amazing view of the Ochil Hills.  Depending on the weather they can reflect the light, so they are vivid green with yellow patches (gorse) and white dots (sheep), and then within minutes they can hide behind thick mist.  This photo was taken when it was rather windy, the previous day the gusts were getting to about 100 mph (allegedly).

They say in Scotland it’s either raining or about to rain, but this only adds to their splendour.

The garden needs work but with my two wee monsters, three and four years only, and the changes in the weather, I haven’t had the opportunity to get much gardening done.   I have however curtailed the snail and slug population and made mud pies and mud castles with the soil.

The view, however more than makes up for the chaos.