Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, they are funny, adorable, full of cuddles, often tell me they love me, intelligent, they make me proud of them all the time and are constantly surprising me.

But today, they are driving me up the wall and I’m exasperated.  I’m not sure whether it is the wild weather; the fact that said weather is resulting in a “stuck at home day”; or the fact that if I don’t focus on doing some of this mountainous pile of washing,  we may not have any clean clothes to wear, so I can’t play with them as much as I normally would like to do.

One is not sharing, the other throws a tantrum, one pushes his brother over, resulting in a bang on the head, and goes bananas in the naughty corner.  This house is full of crying, shouting and winging.  The only thing I have found to stop it, is the television, and to be honest they don’t deserve it, but my sanity needs it.

I sometimes wish I had the kind of children that play for hours on their own; (there are some out there as I know them) the kind that like their play area tidy and not one complete mess with all their toys on the floor, as they are playing a game with lego, the train-set and the cars.

I suppose however their creative streak and belligerent personality will do them good stead in the future, but for now, I just wish it would at least stay on the shelf occasionally.

Yesterday they spent most of the day apart, not a normally occurrence, or planned, it just kind of happened.  When they were reunited they gave each other a big hug and said they missed each other, then played nicely.  Perhaps that is the answer, but with only one of me, a Daddy that works lots and family that live very far away, I suppose that’s a “once in a blue moon occurrence.”

Now I know I am not the only one out there dealing with two children at home all day; that, as my Mother says, I did choose to have babies, and she coped (helpful, I don’t think so) and I am at least lucky to have a husband that comes home each night.  But sometimes, just sometimes I get hugely exasperated!!

Writing this down has helped enormously, I’m calm and ready to see what this afternoon brings.