Today I needed to get a routine set of bloods taken, hubs was home so he could look after the boys, or that was the plan until Maxi kept asking lots of questions as to what was going to happen.  The conversation went something like this…

Maxi – Will it hurt Mummy?

Me – No sweetie, it’s just like a scratch, and then you get a sticker…

Maxi – Can I come and watch?  Pleeeease?

Me – Well OK then if you are quiet

Maxi (whispering) – I’ll be as quiet as a mouse… So who are we going to see?

Me – A Phlebotomist, can you say that? Fla – Bo – To – mist

Maxi – Fla – la – ma -st? 

Me – No hon… Fla – Bo – To – mist

Maxi – Fla-Ba-Ta-st… (this goes on for some time)
(Eventually getting the pronunciation right he asked), so do these people take the mist away?

Me – No honey they are going to take some blood out of Mummy’s arm, come along and watch….

So, quite concerned he comes to the surgery with me, asking lots of questions on the way, upon arrival he asks where the phlebotomist was (he is most proficient at the pronunciation now) points to most of the people in the waiting room in turn to ask if they are the person he is looking for, then points to everyone who walks through the surgery, asking if it was any of them, until my name is called and he walks meekly next to me to watch two phials of blood being taken.

Most pleased that it did not seem to cause me any discomfort, he charmed the staff nurse, who was a little put out by being called a mere phlebotomist, she was much more important apparently.. But was very accommodating to a curious four-year old.

On the drive home Maxi was quiet, he then said “Mummy, I know that doesn’t hurt you, but it would hurt me, so I don’t want anyone taking my blood, OK Mummy?