Show bullies kindness

Today cycling back from nursery with the boys in the trailer, a driver shouted “Get of the road, fatty!” and after the initial shock, I decided that the bloke (who was not so svelte himself) probably needed a hug; some kindness shown to him and someone to notice him.

My boys are four and almost three, they are starting to come into contact with more people who’s behavior could be labeled bullying, and I always tell them not to retaliate, show the person kindness.  That this behavior, is the way a person in pain lashes out, so they can get attention.  Sometimes I wonder whether it is the right thing to tell them, but I have on occasion been made proud when, having been hit, or pushed over Maxi will look at the perpetrator and then come running to me, to tell me what has just happened.  Of course reminding me that he didn’t hit him back, he just showed the bully kindness.

Thinking back to the man who shouted at me today, I wonder if I were closer and he was not safe in his car if I would have actually given him a hug.  I think the shock from him would have been interesting to see.

I will admit I am a rather plump, juicy, buxom lass, but by cycling I am trying to modify the “plumpness” or at least increase my fitness levels, so I can cycle faster, and not slow down motorists.  The funny thing was, he was driving in the opposite direction, not at all impacted by my being on the road, so I suppose it brings me full circle to the conclusion that he just needs more love in his life.

PS & don’t worry about my boys, they will be learning Tae Kwon Do to ensure they can defend themselves if required.