Maxi, Mini & the Snail

Today has been sunny so we’ve spent lots of it outside.  I found a snail and gave it to Mini to have a look at, and of course his brother wanted one too.  I searched and searched for another, but to no avail.  Which is odd because there are normally lots in our garden.

A couple of hours later, Maxi cam out of the playroom with the snail in his hand proudly showing it to me and telling me he was stroking it.

The phone then rang, and it was my parents, to whom he then tried to show them the snail through the phone (I blame Skype, my boys think people can see them through the phone)

NB/ I hadn’t noticed how filthy Maxi’s T-shirt was, it didn’t help that he’d not long spilt his his yogurt down his top at lunch… geez that means that poor snail was stuck inside for at least an hour, yuck!