The Kindness of Strangers

Today I had a wee disaster, not a big one, just a wee one.

I was cycling down our hill, with the boys in the trailer, when the wheels of the trailer came off.  I do have to explain that I had put the wheels on, and it had taken me about half an hour to do so, so the fact they came off was less of a surprise than an annoyance, as I felt like such a numpty.

So we were halfway down our hill, I heard a steel on tarmac noise (never a good noise) and stopped, just as a car and a van were on the way up the hill.  The car stopped, but once they realised we were OK, and as I was collecting all the pieces of the trailer, it carried on with his business.

The van driver was lovely, he stopped, offered to help, and then even explained what I was doing wrong without making me feel stupid.  He even put the second wheel on.

Whilst this was happening, a driver going down the hill stopped to see if everyone was alright, as he was an off duty paramedic.

Everyone was lovely, and within ten minutes I was back on my way, my faith in human kindness restored.