Sunny Sunday

Today has been an unseasonably warm day, AND hubs did not have to work, so we found a new cycle route to take our new bike trailer out on.  Now we went on a two-hour cycle yesterday, often exceeding the speed limit suggested for the trailer (but only just) and we each had a turn to pull the trailer, me the first half and hubs the second, so this morning when hubs commented that his legs were a bit tight, I wasn’t surprised.  We decided to only go out for an hour or so.

I took the first half with the trailer again… big mistake, HUGE, it was all up hill, and whilst the gentle gradient wasn’t too bad there were bits that were even hard to push the trailer up. (I really must learn to use my gears more efficiently). Once we reached the end of the cycle path we decided to turn around and swap the trailer over to hub’s bike.  Oh what a lovely ride, downhill and through a little wood (that I hadn’t noticed on the way up as I was working so hard!!)  We even decided to extend the ride, and took another route, with a less even surface, so the boys got bumped about, and loved it.

When the bikes were being packed away, the boys played at the wee park.  It never ceases to amaze me how nimble Maxi is, and how Mini is not that far behind, as they are climbing up scramble nets and over wobbly bridges made of mere loops of rope, I just wish I had my camera!

The boys are now tired, and in their beds, and just as I was kissing them goodnight I asked what was their best part of today.  Maxi, after pondering a few options, and a huge pause, said that the best part of today was that Daddy didn’t have to go to work.