Milkman gone

During these times of austerity, it has been decided that the milk man is just too much of a luxury.  The cost of 2 litres is £1.89, whilst in the supermarket 4 pints (2.2 litres) costs £1.36 (utilising my “magic card” as my husband works for one of the major supermarkets). That’s a 30% saving for essentially the same product.

I’ve recently also found out that the milk is not that local, coming instead from the North of England, as a local Scottish producer was touting for business last week.  An all together more appealing proposition, but his milk was £1.99 for 4 pints.

Add this to the fact our household goes through at least 16 pints a week, that’s quite a large deduction to the monthly food spend.  It’s almost the cost of two bottles of wine!!!

However the numbers stack up I am a wee bit sad not to have milk delivered straight to my door.  Even during the bad snow the milk was there, and during the very bad weather they delivered at 10pm the previous night, rather than the normal 2am, they even knocked on the door if they could see that we were up, so that it didn’t have to stay there all night.

I was actually quite apologetic when I did at last cancel the deliveries (we’ve been talking about doing this since Christmas.) I think that services like this should be used or they will be lost.  Many of the customers are the elderly who aren’t always as able to lug heavy cartons of milk home from the shops.  I know nowadays the milk doesn’t come in glass bottles that you put out for return, nor is it delivered by electric milk floats, but it did always arrive, twice a week.

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