Hat Update

Now I have been a wee bit grumpy these past couple of days (OK that’s an understatement) but I think I’m over the worst of it.  As I said it wasn’t anyone but myself, that I was annoyed with.

Anyway I’ve had enough of being grumpy and emotional, so I thought I’d show you the progress of the hat from the other day.

Here’s where I was on Saturday.  The stripe completed, quite satisfying as it is an easy repeat.

And here is where I am today.  This is just after Mini accidentally pulled quite a few stitches out by getting tangled up in the wool.  That hole, I’d like to say has been fixed, and all is well again.

I would however say that it is nice to be knitting with two colours again, the section with three colours, was tedious, and so easy to make mistakes.

I have about a third of the design to go, so I’m envisaging it to be complete by the weekend, hubs is working lates this week, so it’s keeping me out of mischief (well sort of).

I’m expecting to have enough wool to knit a couple of others, so please just say if you’d like one.