Mothers Day

So today is Mother’s Day in the UK, and at our house is also Hub’s birthday.  Since he had to work there was no breakfast in bed for either of us, but I did get a plethora of cuddles.

Sometimes being a Mummy is just great, but it’s days like these that I wonder what do I really want to teach my children, and however ironic this sounds, one of the sentiments I want to tech them is on the back of one of my favorite bottles of wine (this sounds so bad…)

On the back of the Stormhoek bottles of wine it says;

“Be Passionate, Love, Dream Big, be Spontaneous, Celebrate,
Change the world or go home”

I’d also tell them (as long as it doesn’t break the law) don’t necessarily do what convention dictates.  Sometime opportunities arise that will change your life, take you down avenues that you don’t expect, be brave, follow your instincts, be prepared for the consequences, as you never know what taking a chance will bring.

I do love being a Mummy, however hard and frustrating (and boy sometimes it really is) I think it was one of the best decisions of my life.

So to my two darling boys, thank you for making me feel like a princess today, lots of love, your Mummy x