A new hat design…

I’ve not picked up knitting needles for about a month now, and I thought I’d better get back to it (if only to stop me from wanting to snack in the evening).

I have four balls for Rowan 4 ply cashsoft wool, just teasing me to be knitted up into a soft, warm, tactile hat.

All I need now is a design.

I had an old one that I had started knitting up yesterday evening, but I made and error (ARGGG!) and when I took it to the parents group at nursery today (yes I travel and knit wherever I get a spare minute when inspired) I had to unpick it all and start again.

This starting again inspired me to readjust the pattern.

What is pictured is probably not the final iteration (whilst typing this I have already amended it twice!)  I just thought I’d share, as I have been taking inspiration from classic fair isle knit wear, and plotting the design onto an excel spreadsheet.

Now I wonder who the lucky recipient will be, hmmmm….