Reminders of you

Today, wherever I turn, there have been reminders of you.  The songs you used to sing (even the most obscure ones); the food you liked me to cook; the books I borrowed from you…

But you are an ancient ghost, why still haunt me?  Why still invade my psyche?

Yes, you were important, but why still come and invade my head space?  I don’t particularly want to talk to you or see you again; you have shown me that you want nothing to do with me; I feel nothing; and I truly hold no ill will.

These teasing reminders lure one into a false sense of security, that I was once so captivated by your soul, that I needed to hear your thoughts, that I was young and naive, stupid and immature to the realities of existence.

Irritating and self depreciating they may be, delicious reminder of the optimism of youth they will always be to me.  So perhaps I should be saying thank you.

Thank you for reminding me how foolish I was, and still am.  Thank you for reminding me how silliness brought you out of your shell (and I am sure it will save the day, one day). But most of all thank you for reminding me that some of my worst decisions, have ended up to be my best ones (and visa versa).