I did it again!  I fell asleep last night without writing anything!  I think I need to think up a forfeit so it doesn’t happen again…

I could make excuses and say that I had a really busy day; a play date at the park; a quick-lunch; nursery drop off; hair cut, back to nursery; to a friend’s house to buy some cards, and bump into lots of other friends; a bike ride, with a Mini that decided he didn’t like his seat so walked; getting hubs to cycle back to get the car to take Mini home; Mini deciding he was tired and so got back into bike seat, so I could cycle home; just  missing hubs and having to wait for him; making dinner in five minutes so boys could go to bed, almost at the right time; boys not going to sleep (I’ve gone off the time change)… sitting down for five minutes and waking up at midnight, when I hauled myself up to bed exhausted.

I know not a good excuse, now what can the forfeit be, hmmmmm.