Spring Forward

Last night the clocks changed, and contrary to most of the non parents I have spoken to, it is this one I prefer.  Why?  Well instead of being woken at 05:00 for at least a week, it is closer to 07:00… Woo Hoo a lie in!

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love getting that extra hour in bed on a Sunday morning in October.  Always around the time of my sister’s birthday, she thinks it’s her present from the universe.  But the ramifications now I have children are not really worth it.  Yes they get tired early, but getting up at 05:00 when their body clocks go ding! is tiresome, particularly since it seems to last for weeks after the event.

The only thing I have to combat this time round is the lack of want to go to sleep.  This even after both boys were complaining about being tired at dinner, having been to a lovely party this afternoon.  Chocolate and excitement usually have soporific tendencies, but not yet tonight…

… at least I have tomorrow morning to look forward to.