Bad Mood

I am in a horrid mood. A really bad one.  I want to fight everything.  Then can’t really be bothered.  I know this is a bad state of affairs, and know why it happened too.

I was told no.

Now I should be used to hearing these two letters so neatly joined together, but when it comes to something that I wasn’t expecting I feel more likely to join my children in a toddler like tantrum than think level-headed about the whole thing.

Even though I know it’s probably the right thing, I am just not impressed.  To make matters worse, people seem to be conspiring against me, forming alliances and really irritating me…

I’ve never really been very good at being told what to do, which is most odd as my mother was most firm and definite with what she wanted when I was growing up.  (That sounds polite doesn’t it, I didn’t want to say that she was strict and if I didn’t do what she said I’d really get it…)

Anyway, growing up I’d fight times I was told no, sometimes overtly sometimes just quietly, in my own way.  But boy am I bursting at the seems today.

It’s totally irrational I know.  I know this has been said because people care.  For that I should be thankful, though for the moment I am still not amused.