Chitting potatoes

It’s that time again, the beginning of the spring when everything starts to grow.  So the other day, the boys and I, put out our Bonnie Potatoes, each into the sections of a large egg carton.  Then placed them in the spare room, to allow them to start to grow.

OK, I’ll be honest, I chose the potatoes because of the name, I liked the idea they could be pretty potatoes.  I know it’s not a very scientific reason, but they are 2nd Earlies and are apparently quite resistant to disease and have reddish skins, which hubs likes, and he’s from Northern Ireland and knows his potatoes.  So there they are, waiting for more shoots to grow, so they can be tucked into a bed of black soil, and as the shoots grow, covered gently as they do, to enable lots of tubers to multiply.

The boys love to harvest potatoes, though I think it is more the thrill of rooting around in the dirt to find nuggets of gold.  Now if I could just get them to eat them!