Sunny Days

Today it has been sunny all day, the sky has been blue and the grass is not sodden. The boys have been running and chasing around the garden and there is a hint of spring, or dare I say summer in the air.

I even got out on the bike and thought I was over dressed with a fleece layer on.  Now I know I cannot get carried away with things, as Scotland’s weather is notoriously changeable, though for the mean time I am going to grab each minute of this sunshine glory and use it well.

The washing has been out, and drying fast.  The boys are tired out, though getting up early due to the light mornings, bring on the clocks changing on Sunday!

And me?  Well I think the best part of today was watching Maxi and Mini play in the garden, giving each other cuddles, and tell each other they were best friends.  That is before they wrestled each other to the floor and fought, only to make up, cuddle and make friends again.  Sickly cute but their mine, so I thought it was adorable.

(and I’ve just checked, we might get a few more days of sunshine before the rain returns!)