My Universe Answered Me!

OK, so I’m not really one for asking for things of anyone, but I’d lost something that I needed, I looked everywhere, rearranged my whole bedroom, binned two big bags of rubbish and re-cycling and couldn’t find what I was looking for.  (I did find the boys’ library book that was behind my chest of drawers and that I’d lost since Christmas…)

So I surrendered.  I’d known I’d seen it recently, so I said to the Universe that I was leaving it in her hands and when she was ready she would reveal it to me.  I made breakfast, I played with my boys, I put out the laundry, emptied and re-filled the dishwasher, went back to tidying the mess I had created, then thought I’d have one last look. I was having a wee conversation with the Universe in my head (I suppose I was kind of praying, but I’m not sure) and I looked again where I thought it was, and then something came to mind, I could see why it was where it was, I knew were to look.  All the while I was having this conversation in my head.  So I think I was heard.

From a purely logical point of view, I am sure I just looked everywhere and at last came to the place it was hiding, but why did I find it when I was communing with my Universe, did she listen to me?  I know there are lots of people around who need lots of prayers answered, and my lost object is insignificant in comparison, but I do appreciate it.

Now I just have to stop being greedy, as there are a couple of other things I’ve asked for too, but they are biggies, perhaps this is just the Universe’s way of showing me that she is listening but cannot fix everything… who knows, but for now I am extremely grateful.